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Big Holiday Season with RuMe!

Make it a BIG Holiday Season with Macro RuMe. Now available in all patterns + solids.


 AND don’t forget to ask for Canadian pricing for orders including shipping and brokerage!


FREE SHIPPING on RuMe Bags for Earth Day


Happy Birthday RuMe

In honour of Earth month and RuMe’s 1st birthday, RuMe bags is planning an ANNIVERSARY SALE on their ‘luanch lines’ of Spring in New York + Silicon Valley – Regular RuMe size collections. The bags will be 20% off on their website and the same offer will be extended to all retailers who  put in orders for these lines (*exclusive of the POS display).


Visit to view the entire collection.

Perfect in-store encouragement!

What a great way to feature the fabulous and reusable products you sell! Let us know if you would like signage like the below customized to feature in your store. Perfect for on the shelf or at the cash. Reusable. Reusable. Reusable!


A Better Bag Made A Better Way.


New RuMe POS Display ONLY $199 + FREE SHIPPING!


If you are a retailer and want to make a minimal investment with excellent sell-through, consider RuMe Bags, currently offering a new retailer starter pack with a free POS display and FREE shipping! 

• Ready to merchandise out of the box

• Holds 36 RuMe Bags

• 3 each of RuMe’s Top Sellers – 9 Patterns and 3 Solids

• Great way to show off the true tote design and colorful patterns

• POS Display comes in two sizes (Regular + Mini)