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RuMe Bags

If you haven’t seen Rume’s newest, check out their new catalog.

email for the full catalog


New RuMe Cuff!

RuMe has done it again, another amazing reusable product that is stylish!

Yoyomama – mama’s got a brand new bag

Yoyomama loves the new RuMe ALL!

Click the picture below to read the article

RuMe – What are you carrying around with your diaper bag?

Most moms live by the motto “Be Prepared”, making their diaper bag a well stocked pantry of everything and anything that could be needed for an outing. Just think of where you drag your bag. You take it into washrooms, put it on floors, place it on tables and benches, and then home sweet home. Think of the germs! (Yuck!) Click the link below to read how the new RuMe All is every mom’s new best friend!

RuMe – Press Release


Meet the New RuMe All –

and the New RuMe Bin –

10% OFF pre-orders placed before January 29th, 2010. Order yours today!

FREE SHIPPING on RuMe Bags for Earth Day


A Better Bag Made A Better Way.


New RuMe POS Display ONLY $199 + FREE SHIPPING!


If you are a retailer and want to make a minimal investment with excellent sell-through, consider RuMe Bags, currently offering a new retailer starter pack with a free POS display and FREE shipping! 

• Ready to merchandise out of the box

• Holds 36 RuMe Bags

• 3 each of RuMe’s Top Sellers – 9 Patterns and 3 Solids

• Great way to show off the true tote design and colorful patterns

• POS Display comes in two sizes (Regular + Mini)