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Get a Green Web Domain

Feel good about your website by getting a green web domain. HostPapa uses 100% green renewable energy to power their data centers, offices and more!


Make Your Blog Carbon Neutral

It’s so simple, and so worth it! Write a blog post, show off that you’re eco-friendly, and a tree is planted, care of Arbor Day Foundation, to offset the carbon dioxide emissions from your blog!

Make you blog or website carbon neutral, click on the picture below to find out how

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New RuMe Cuff!

RuMe has done it again, another amazing reusable product that is stylish!

Yoyomama – mama’s got a brand new bag

Yoyomama loves the new RuMe ALL!

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RuMe – What are you carrying around with your diaper bag?

Most moms live by the motto “Be Prepared”, making their diaper bag a well stocked pantry of everything and anything that could be needed for an outing. Just think of where you drag your bag. You take it into washrooms, put it on floors, place it on tables and benches, and then home sweet home. Think of the germs! (Yuck!) Click the link below to read how the new RuMe All is every mom’s new best friend!

RuMe – Press Release

People Towels on Spring Wise loves that People Towels are the solution to the 3,000 tons of paper towel waste that is produced each year!

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Glass Dharma – Retail Launch Package – Spring 2010

Glass Dharma  has come out with an amazing new retail launch package for this Spring. Glass Dharma straws are a gorgeous replacement to toxic, plastic drinking straws.

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