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Isn’t it time you got some BaaLLS?

Our handmade wool dryer BaaLLS are the last set of BaLLS you will ever need!

They reduce your drying time by 40% for a full load, reduce static cling and soften your clothes. All of this, with no chemicals! Check out more of the amazing features at



Look what’s rolling into Canada…

t spheres aromatherapy-infused massage balls

YOU:  Always on the go, Frequent flyer, looking for a healthy way to self-soothe
TSPHERES:  Always ready to roll, perfect little travel companions, your remedy

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The BIG List

Wondering what you should read, wear, drink from, clean with, cook and do!? Check out our BIG List for all of our recommendations. We’re always adding new things, so check back often. And remember…NEVER buy anything that you don’t need.

The BIG List

Fill your stomach. Not the Landfill.

We’re behind this. Are you?

Clean George: exclusive offer on first orders for new accounts!

REMINDER: Pre-order NEW coloured Klean Kanteens starting tomorrow!

Click Here for order details and  to see the NEW colour pallette and size configurations.


Clean George Introduces the First and Only Natural 2-in-1 Hand Moisturizer and Cleaner
Completely Free of Alcohol and Other Chemicals

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